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Magician AKASH P.R. is an international entertainer, popular magician and renowned master illusionist .He is one of the greatest magicians of India and is operational in Delhi and NCR .Through his mesmerizing magic shows he takes you to a whole new world where nothing seems impossible. He is the first magician in India to levitate and defy the law of gravity , unlocking the mystery of human flight is his milestone .He specializes in close up magic (conjuring magic ) , magic for corporate launching and stage shows .He uses modern techniques, surrealistic sequences in his spellbinding shows along with his super showmanship and personality. For long he has been associated with magic and has been successful in elevation of the ancient art of magic to new heights .He puts in amazing effect in his shows which he has redefined through years. He feels that magic has been for quite some time neglected in India .His motto is Magic for a Reason (MFR), which works for upliftment of society. According to him magic is to make people dream, illusion is to create events that appear to be magical i.e. defying mother nature, to disappear, to reappear, levitate, to fly and conjuring is the art of controlling events by supernatural powers. So if you are going to organize a party with a wish to make it extraordinary for your guests, don’t ever forget to include a magic show by magician AKASH P.R.